Thursday, March 27, 2008

(Summer of) Code (Release)

I'll keep this short and sweet. First off, we've released the code. Some definitions and links to the project pages:

MolViz: A movement / collection of projects from U of T that aim to make visualizing molecular data much cooler. Head tracking, Wiimote control, table top interface, etc.

HTDP: The `Head Tracking Driver Project' spun out of one of the MolViz projects. It aims at providing an extremely simple API for developers to incorporate head tracking into their applications. Eventually this will cover a number of techniques, platforms, and programming languages.

ImmersiveViz: A script for PyMol that demonstrates the capabilities of the HTDP project.

The video released earlier was a combination of the HTDP running ImmersiveViz which controls PyMol. The code is a rough draft, but it will improve lots, and soon. Which brings me to SoC...

This year we have the extreme privilege of taking part in Google's Summer of Code program. The HTDP project isn't big enough to warrant its own organization, but we'll be operating under the Python Software Foundation and Cytoscape (under the GenMAPP organization). So if you're a university student, we're looking for proposals to work on the HTDP directly:

  • New forms of input
  • Improving the code base that's there
  • etc...

... or if you want to incorporate a Wiimote interface into Cytoscape (Java based program), then get your application in!

Project descriptions for the two options are [here] (under MolViz) and [here] (under Idea 22). Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions, but the deadline is approaching fast.


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